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Shock Absorber Preview

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Shock Absorber Products
Monroe® Shock Absorbers and Steering Stablilizers ~
Just one worn out component could affect a driver's ability to avoid accidents and compromise safety. Monroe® offers a complete line of ride control products that are application engineered for class 3 to 8 vehicles. Protect you investment! Monroe® is the right choice for exceptional performance, durability and truck productivity. Monroe® features a complete line-up serving today’s heavy-duty and industrial markets and is committed to providing core coverage of the industry’s top applications. History shows that great innovations stand the test of time. Over the years, Monroe® has been committed to product quality, customer satisfaction and new product technology. This commitment is a tradition that dates back to the early 1900's. Today, rely on Dayton Parts® to provide your shock absorber and steering stabilizer needs with industry leading order fill, model coverage and a broad range of options.
Product Portfolio ~
Gas-Magnum Gas-Magnum Severe Service
Gas-Magnum 60 Monro-Magnum 70
Gas-Magnum 65 Reflex
Gas-Magnum Cab Sensa-Trac Light Truck
Gas-Magnum RV    
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Current Print Edition of our Suspension Components Catalog. This edition is designed to be an invaluable reference for both novice and experienced parts professionals. Features parts listings covering hundreds of suspension applications from 50-plus manufacturers, referencing over 5500 DP part numbers, with hundreds part number additions over the previous release. Many new and improved features included to simplify component part and suspension identification.
Many new suspension models
Over 50 manufacturers
More than 1000 new part numbers
An invaluable reference for the experienced and novice
Approximately 2000 component photos for easy reference
Numerical Listing of all cataloged parts
Expanded part identification Component Charts
Easy to use catalog design by suspension type
Revised Hendrickson®, Hutch® and Reyco® hanger/axle seat charts
Extensive guide to identify PRIMAAX® components
Exploded-view drawings revised for clarity and accuracy
Shocks, air springs and leaf springs cross-referenced for accuracy
Greater information detail to assist in identification
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Dayton Parts Everywhere™ is a sales and marketing tool to assist in providing current product Information for all sales, service and counter personnel in the commercial vehicle industry. The Dayton Parts Suspension Catalog and Monroe Product Catalog, along with related publications, can be downloaded to your mobile device and available "Everywhere" you'd need it!
Shock Absorber Preview
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