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Air Spring Preview

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Dayton Parts® Branded Air Springs Firestone® Air Springs
Dayton Parts® Branded Air Springs ~
Dayton Parts® offers a full line of DP branded Air Springs, expanding on the company's continued growth and unwavering committment to the customer for offering quality afermarket truck and trailer components.

Dayton Parts® Air Springs are designed to provide superior suspension performance under all types of load and road conditions.

Our Air Springs are engineered and produced by a leading company; specializing in design, manufacturing and supply to the commercial vehicle market. This established German Engineered Original Equipment Supplier holds ISO 14001, ISO9001/TS16949 quality certificates and follows a fully integrated production process, including in house rubber mixing and compound facility.
Firestone® Air Springs ~
Firestone® revolutionized transportation when they introduced the Airide™ air spring in 1934. Since that time, Firestone® has designed and manufactured more air springs for more applications than any other air spring company in the world. It’s why they have earned the right to be called the “World’s Number 1 Air Spring”. But the proof is on the road.

The Airide™ brand is the foundation of Firestone Industrial Products - a name synonymous with quality, performance and unparalleled support. Firestone® Airide™ air springs offer total life cycle value, are designed to OEM specifications and offer unmatched reliability. More suspension builders use Firestone® Airide™ air springs than any other brand.

Firestone® Industrial Products is committed to servicing its customers and have partnered with Dayton Parts® to add value to our operation and contribute to your success. Replace with the best.
Hendrickson® Air Springs ~
Hendrickson® air springs are designed and tuned specifically for approved applications. Choosing an air spring other than the original can alter the performance of a suspension. Variations in internal bumpers and flexmember bias can affect how much weight is carried by a given amount of air, which could mean a front axle in a tandem weighs out differently from the rear.

Ride quality and performance are key factors when designing the internal make-up of Hendrickson® air springs. A low natural frequency is achieved through proprietary piston and bump stop components. Hendrickson® air springs undergo advanced design and testing processes to provide enhanced suspension ride, handling and performance. That's why it's important to spec only Hendrickson® Genuine Parts air springs.
Dayton Parts® Air Spring Products ~
3 comprehensive lines from some of the most established names in the industry
Superior coverage across all makes
Product availability covering every price point
Advanced testing to ensure enhanced ride, handling and performance
Industry leading order fill
Wide range of configurations - Rolling Lobe, Convolute and Sleeve
Additional Product Information Sources ~

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Current Print Edition of our Suspension Components Catalog. This edition is designed to be an invaluable reference for both novice and experienced parts professionals. Features parts listings covering hundreds of suspension applications from 50-plus manufacturers, referencing over 5500 DP part numbers, with hundreds part number additions over the previous release. Many new and improved features included to simplify component part and suspension identification.
Many new suspension models
Over 50 manufacturers
More than 1000 new part numbers
An invaluable reference for the experienced and novice
Approximately 2000 component photos for easy reference
Numerical Listing of all cataloged parts
Expanded part identification Component Charts
Easy to use catalog design by suspension type
Revised Hendrickson®, Hutch® and Reyco® hanger/axle seat charts
Extensive guide to identify PRIMAAX® components
Exploded-view drawings revised for clarity and accuracy
Shocks, air springs and leaf springs cross-referenced for accuracy
Greater information detail to assist in identification
Firestone® Air Spring Catalog

Firestone® Popularity Guide - US

Firestone® Popularity Guide - CAN
Hendrickson® Air Springs PEP - Air Springs      

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The Dayton Parts Everywhere™ APP is a sales and marketing tool to assist in providing current product Information for all sales, service and counter personnel in the commercial vehicle industry. The Dayton Parts Light Vehicle Suspension Catalog, along with related publications, can be downloaded to your mobile device and available "Everywhere" you'd need it!
Air Spring Preview
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