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Clutch Products
Dayton Parts Clutches and Components Product ~
Dayton Parts® clutch product line includes heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty clutches, offering; HD and dual-mass flywheels, Lipe push-type clutches, angle-ring clutches, OE light-duty SURE SHIFT™ clutch kits, solid flywheel conversion kits, flywheel housings and foreign clutches. Components are supplied by OE approved suppliers. D&W® delivers over 90 years of clutch experience and unparalleled technical and troubleshooting support.
Product Portfolio ~
Angle Spring Adjusting, Clutch Adjustment & Drive Lug Tools
Anti-Rattle Spring Kit
Clutch Adjusters
Clutch Brakes
Clutch Fork
Clutch Return Spring
Clutches (Light, Medium, Heavy Duty)
Cross Shaft Bushing
Drive Lugs & Pins
Pilot Bearings
Spicer Release Gearing
Additional Product Information Sources ~

Open Publication
Current Print Edition of our Clutch and Clutch Components catalog. This edition is designed to be an invaluable reference for both novice and experienced parts professionals. Products available include: Alignment Tools (Various Sizes), Angle Spring Adjusting Tool, Anti-Rattle Spring Kit, Clutch Adjusters, Clutch Adjustment Tool, Clutch Brakes, Clutch Fork, Clutch Return Spring, Clutches (Light, Medium, Heavy Duty), Cross Shaft Bushing, Drive Lug Alignment Tool, Drive Lugs & Pins, Flywheels, Pilot Bearings, Spicer Release Gearing and more - all of the components and accessories required to provide a comprehensive offering. Add to your weekly stock order as needed!
Heavy Duty Clutch Chart
Light & Medium Duty Clutch Chart
Flywheel Chart
Clutch Components Chart
Clutch Disc Friction Materials Descriptions

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The Dayton Parts Everywhere™ APP is a sales and marketing tool to assist in providing current product Information for all sales, service and counter personnel in the commercial vehicle industry. The Dayton Parts Clutches Catalog can be downloaded to your mobile device and available "Everywhere" you'd need it!
Clutches Preview
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