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Hitch and Coupling Preview

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Trailer Products
Hitch and Coupling Products ~
As part of Dayton Parts® broad line of Trailer Products, we offer a full range of Wallace Forge® Hitch & Coupling Products. The Wallace Forge Company started in 1942 as a family run business specializing in the manufacturing of truck and trailer accessories. Dayton Parts and Wallace Forge pride themselves in offering quality, affordable American made products that are built to last. Wallace Forge's capabilities include forging, upsetting, CNC machining, heat treating, military, and retail paint finishes.
Product Portfolio ~
Coupling Products Pintle Hooks
Dump Body Accessories Towing Accessories
King Pins Trailer Accessories
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Open Publication
Current Print Edition of our Dayton Parts®/Wallace Forge® Hitch & Coupling Products Catalog. This edition is designed to be an invaluable reference for both novice and experienced parts professionals. Dayton Parts uses the Wallace Forge number with a three letter prefix. For example, a 1" D-ring is Wallace Forge number 2330222 which interchanges to our part number WDR2330222. You can use the Wallace Forge number whenever you’re ordering and our system will flip it over to the prefixed number. We hope having a “bigger basket” to choose from makes it easier for you to put together your regular stock orders as we continue to add valued products to our offering from quality sources like Wallace Forge®.
Dual Purpose Hitches
Hinge Assemblies
Hitch Balls
King Pins
Swivel Mounted Pintle Hooks
Tailgate Latch Assemblies
Tie Downs
Tow Hooks
Tow Rings
PEP - Hitch & Coupling

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The Dayton Parts Everywhere™ APP is a sales and marketing tool to assist in providing current product Information for all sales, service and counter personnel in the commercial vehicle industry. The Dayton Parts Hitch & Coupling Product Catalog, along with related publications, can be downloaded to your mobile device and available "Everywhere" you'd need it!
Hitch and Coupling Preview
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